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Ann Schramm


Hospital Director

After graduating with a degree in music, Ann realized that she was meant to follow another career path. She became a Licensed Veterinary Technician and had her first cat diagnosed with cancer in 2004. In 2006, after working at a busy feline veterinary practice for six years, the opportunity to work at a veterinary oncology practice presented itself, and Ann jumped at the chance to learn more about cancer and the various treatment options. It was also very important to her to be able to support other people who were experiencing the heartbreaking and stressful undertaking that occurs when their beloved pets have cancer. In 2014, Ann decided to change courses again, this time to management, and is now the Hospital Director for The Oncology Service at RVRC and at TLC West. She and her family live with one dog-chasing cat, Duncan, and one sleepy, derpy dog, Nessie.  In the evenings, Ann can be found watching Nessie and Duncan playing tag around the couch!

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