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Dr. Jake Cawley


Locum Veterinary Medical Oncologist


Dr. Cawley graduated with an undergraduate degree in Biology from Marist College. He then attended Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine and obtained his D.V.M. in 2015.

Dr. Cawley completed his rotating surgical and medical internship at Cornell University in 2016. He subsequently completed his medical oncology residency training at Colorado State University in 2019. Dr. Cawley joined the Ethos Discovery team in 2019 as a Science Fellow. As part of his fellowship, Dr. Cawley is helping design and implement oncology focused clinical trials and aided in the design of Ethos-PUSH. Dr. Cawley is also completing a postdoctoral fellowship in Peter Scacheri’s lab at Case Western Reserve University where he is studying super enhancer biology and epigenetic regulation of hemangiosarcoma.

Dr. Cawley began providing locum coverage for The Oncology Service in 2019.

Dr. Cawley began his scientific journey while still in veterinary school. He participated in the Summer Veterinary Research Scholars Program and studied the effects of a transgene, NUP98HOXD13, on the morphology of megakaryocytes in mice that develop acute myeloid leukemia. He later took a year off from his veterinary school training to perform research at the National Cancer Institute as the first veterinary student accepted into the Medical Research Scholars Program. During this time, he studied the impacts of Wnt signaling on castration resistance in human prostate cancer. 

His areas of interest include comparative medicine and the impacts of epigentic regulation on cancer specific patterns of metastasis. He is also interested in seeing more veterinarians participate in science, believing that the comparative training of a veterinary degree provides a unique perspective that can contribute greatly to the advancement of medicine.

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