Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

There Is More Than One Way to Fight Cancer

Just as in human medicine, some forms of cancer respond best to radiation therapy. We offer conventional definitive and palliative radiation therapy, as well as Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT). Stereotactic Radiation Therapy is typically completed in 1-4 treatments within a single week, instead of the standard 15-18 treatments given over 3 weeks needed for conventional radiation therapy.

Stereotactic Radiation Therapy is most effective for the treatment of tumors that are difficult to reach with surgery alone. This level of precision requires specialized equipment for treatment and image guidance, as well as highly accurate patient positioning and immobilization devices.

Benefits of Stereotactic Radiation
  • Non-invasive painless procedure
  • Fewer treatments, shorter treatment time
  • Greater treatment accuracy
  • Improved sparing of normal tissues (fewer side effects)
  • Improved outcomes for certain tumor types

Stereotactic Radiation Therapy is offered at our Leesburg, Virginia location.