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They Love Us

My experience was top-notch! Dr. Tidd and Seth were very patient, very kind and very compassionate toward me and Rex. Things that I wouldn’t know as well as letting me know what to expect were all explained in great detail. I felt heard and felt like I had a team working to make Rex better. Thank you so much! 

Seth was awesome sauce!!!!!!! He was friendly, he looked me in my eyes which shows sincerity, he was very professional and his gentleness was very comforting going through this process. Dr. Tidd, although she probably has seen cancer a lot in dogs, didn’t make me feel like this was just another case for her. She DID make me feel the empathy she has for our situation and she made me feel like she is invested in Rex treatment. ❤️

Stephanie C.

This has been a stressful time for us and everyone in this office has been fabulous and made this experience much better. They are warm, welcoming, and compassionate! The entire office has been fabulous but Angela has been very compassionate and willing to help with Finley. 

Katie G.

I honestly can't think of a thing you could have done better. I'm very impressed with the entire practice. From the moment we walked in, it was smooth sailing! Both myself and Khylo were greeted by name and escorted to a very comfortable and bright room. Everyone we encountered from Reception to Doctor were fantastic! I was very appreciative of Dr. Waite having completely reviewed Khylo's medical records before our arrival. Plus she had already done research for optional treatments and discussed a recently published case study for surgical intervention with Dr. Gifford, a surgical specialist. It made everything so much easier to discuss and come up with a plan without significant delays.

Janet L.

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